[ClusterLabs] VirtualDomain & parallel shutdown

Klecho klecho at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 07:24:52 EST 2018

Hi again,

Just made one simple "parallel shutdown" test with a strange result, 
confirming the problem I've described.

Created a few dummy resources, each of them taking 60s to stop. No 
constraints at all. After that issued "stop" to all of them, one by one.

Stop operation wasn't attempted for any of the rest until the first 
resource stopped.

When the first resource stopped, all the rest stopped at a same moment 
120s after the stop commands were issued.

This confirms that if many resources (VMs) need to be stopped and first 
one starts some update (and a big stop timeout is set), stop attempt for 
the rest won't be made at all, until the first is up.

Why is this so and is there a way to avoid it?

On 11/20/18 12:40 PM, Klechomir wrote:
> Hi list,
> Bumped onto the following issue lately:
> When ultiple VMs are given shutdown right one-after-onther and the shutdown of
> the first VM takes long, the others aren't being shut down at all before the
> first doesn't stop.
> "batch-limit" doesn't seem to affect this.
> Any suggestions why this could happen?
> Best regards,
> Klecho
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