[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker auto restarts disabled groups

Ian Underhill ianpunderhill at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 07:14:33 EST 2018

seems this issue has been raised before, but has gone quite, with no


I know my resource agents successfully return the correct status to the
start\stop\monitor requests

On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 11:40 AM Ian Underhill <ianpunderhill at gmail.com>

> Sometimes Im seeing that a resource group that is in the process of being
> disable is auto restarted by pacemaker.
> When issuing pcs disable command to disable different resource groups at
> the same time (on different nodes, at the group level) the result is that
> sometimes the resource is stopped and restarted straight away. i'm using a
> balanced placement strategy.
> looking into the daemon log, pacemaker is aborting transtions due to
> config change of the meta attributes of target-role changing?
> Transition 2838 (Complete=25, Pending=0, Fired=0, Skipped=3,
> Incomplete=10, Source=/var/lib/pacemaker/pengine/pe-input-704.bz2): Stopped
> could somebody explain Complete/Pending/Fired/Skipped/Incomplete and is
> there a way of displaying Skipped actions?
> ive used crm_simulate --xml-file XXXX -run to see the actions, and I see
> this extra start request
> regards
> /Ian.
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