[ClusterLabs] Announcing Anvil! m2 v2.0.7

Digimer lists at alteeve.ca
Tue Nov 20 02:25:24 EST 2018

* https://github.com/ClusterLabs/striker/releases/tag/v2.0.7

This is the first release since March, 2018. No critical issues are know
or where fixed. Users are advised to upgrade.

Main bugs fixed;

* Fixed install issues for Windows 10 and 2016 clients.
* Improved duplicate record detection and cleanup in scan-clustat and
* Disabled the detection and recovery of 'paused' state servers (it
caused more trouble than it solved).

Notable new features;
* Improved the server boot logic to choose the node with the most
running servers, all else being equal.
* Updated UPS power transfer reason alerts from "warning" to "notice"
level alerts.
* Added support for EL 6.10.

Users can upgrade using 'striker-update' from their Striker dashboards.

/sbin/striker/striker-update --local
/sbin/striker/striker-update --anvil all

Please feel free to report any issues in the Striker github repository.

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