[ClusterLabs] pcsd processes using 100% CPU

Shobe, Casey Casey.Shobe at sling.com
Tue May 22 12:47:55 EDT 2018

> Not really enough info to debug... And I don't think I encountered this myself.

Is there something more I can do to gather more information when this happens?  I'm not very familiar with strace, just ran it on the PID and saw the screen fill up with sched_yield() lines...  This happens across a few different clusters on a seemingly-random basis, so it will probably happen again some time soon.

> Pcsd is pcs daemon which is used to manage the cluster using pcs command line tool. It also provides web UI for cluster management. You can safely kill / restart pcsd without affecting the cluster in any way. If pcsd isn't running, it won't be possible to access its web UI (obviously) and some pcs commands will not work.

I understand this.  However, as the process tree in my last E-mail shows, the parent pcsd process is not having this problem.  So, when I kill the runaway child processes, it appears that pcs commands all still work fine, as only the parent pcsd process, which is not killed, seems to be needed for that.  I have not used the web UI.


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