[ClusterLabs] How to set up fencing/stonith

Casey & Gina caseyandgina at icloud.com
Tue May 22 18:38:24 EDT 2018

> It does exactly what you told it to do. If you want to power-on VM on
> reset instead, remove RESETPOWERON parameter.

Sorry, that was a part of the command that I found in /usr/share/doc/cluster-glue/stonith/README.vcenter, as well as on https://www.hastexo.com/resources/hints-and-kinks/fencing-vmware-virtualized-pacemaker-nodes/, neither of which say what it was for.  Where can I find documentation on all the parameters for the external/vcenter plugin?

> Configure your stonith agent to use "off" instead of "reset".

Is this what the above suggestion accomplishes, or is there something else I need to do to do this?


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