[ClusterLabs] Live migrate a VM in a cluster group

Jason Gauthier jagauthier at gmail.com
Sun May 27 22:50:27 EDT 2018


 I've set up a cluster intended for VMs.  I created a VM, and have
been pretty pleased with migrating it back and forth between the two
nodes.  Now, I am also using the VNC console, which requires listening
on port 59xx.  Of course, once the machine is migrated the IP to
access the VNC console is different.
So, I thought I would be clever and create a cluster IP address.  I
did, and as a stand alone resource it migrates between nodes
perfectly.  I then put these two primitives into a group.

When I try to migrate the group nothing happens.
There aren't any cluster errors, and the logs do not give me any kind
of indication of error either.

I'm wondering if this is even something I should expect to work. I
would certainly like it to.
Here's the relevant config:

primitive p_Calibre VirtualDomain \
        params config="/vms/Calibre/Calibre.xml"
hypervisor="qemu:///system" migration_transport=ssh \
        meta allow-migrate=true \
        op start timeout=120s interval=0 \
        op stop timeout=120s interval=0 \
        op monitor timeout=30 interval=10 depth=0 \
        utilization cpu=2 hv_memory=8192
primitive p_CalibreVNC IPaddr2 \
        params ip= cidr_netmask=24 nic=br10 \
        op monitor interval=10s

group g_Calibre p_CalibreVNC p_Calibre \
        meta target-role=Started

location cli-prefer-g_Calibre g_Calibre role=Started inf: alpha
location cli-prefer-p_Calibre p_Calibre role=Started inf: beta
location cli-prefer-p_CalibreVNC p_CalibreVNC role=Started inf: beta

Any help is appreciated.


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