[ClusterLabs] stonith continues to reboot server once fencing occurs

Dickerson, Charles {Chuck} (JSC-EG)[Jacobs Technology, Inc.] charles.e.dickerson at nasa.gov
Fri May 11 09:32:40 EDT 2018

I have a 2 node cluster, once fencing occurs, the fenced node is continually rebooted every time it comes up.

Configuration:  2 identical nodes - Centos 7.4, pacemaker 1.1.18, pcs 0.9.162, fencing configured using fence_ipmilan
The cluster is set to ignore quorum and stonith is enabled.  Firewalld has been disabled.

I can manually issue the fence_ipmilan command and the specified node is rebooted, comes back up and fence_ipmilan sees this and reports success.

If fencing is initiated via the "pcs stonith fence" command, stonith_admin command, or by disrupting the communication between the nodes, the proper node is rebooted, but the stonith_admin command times out and never sees the node as rebooted.  The node is then rebooted every time it comes back up on the network.  The status remains UNCLEAN in pcs status.

Chuck Dickerson
(281) 244-5895

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