[ClusterLabs] Monitoring of Fence Agents?

Tue May 1 16:49:18 EDT 2018

Let me first thank this community for being so active.  I have learned a lot by watching the discussions.

I have noticed that in our environment, I am seeing high rate of my RHEL 7 fence agent (fence_ipmilan) timing out on monitoring operations.  We use HP iLO 3/4/5 power fencing.  I have attempted to figure out why we are seeing timeouts, but nothing appears to be miss-configured and there is not a pattern to the fence agent failures.

The timeout then shows up on pcs status output and the fence agent resource, if it does not relocate or restart, moves to a Stopped state.   I have tried to lengthen the monitoring to 15 minutes and start timeout to 125 seconds, but still are getting complaints from the System Admins.  They want a nice clean pcs status output and tend to freak out with the pcs stontih cleanup --node <node> command as it shows a false cycling of all resources (vip, fs, app, etc) for the node.

Wondering if anyone has real-world experience with some of the timeouts provided by fence_ipmilan with HP iLO devices.  In particular, I was looking at pcmk_status_timeout and pcmk_status_retries from pcs stonith describe fence_ipmilan -full.

How critical is the monitoring for the fence resources inside of pacemaker?   Can I simply disable the monitoring operation?  We have an independent job that periodically verifies HP iLO setup for fencing (did this in RHEL 6).

>From internal R&D testing, it appears that if the fence agent is "failed" or "stopped", and the cluster actually needs to fence a node, then the cluster will re-attempt the fence agent start and fence the node.

Here is the config

Stonith Devices:
Resource: fence_tval13 (class=stonith type=fence_ipmilan)
  Attributes: ipaddr=X.X.X.X lanplus=1 login=XXXXX method=onoff passwd=XXXXX pcmk_host_list=tval13 power_wait=20 privlvl=OPERATOR
  Operations: monitor interval=15m (fence_tval13-monitor-interval-15m)
              start interval=0s timeout=125s (fence_tval13-start-interval-0s)
Resource: fence_tval14 (class=stonith type=fence_ipmilan)
  Attributes: ipaddr=Y.Y.Y.Y lanplus=1 login= YYYYY method=onoff passwd=YYYYY pcmk_host_list=tval14 power_wait=20 privlvl=OPERATOR
  Operations: monitor interval=15m (fence_tval14-monitor-interval-15m)
              start interval=0s timeout=125s (fence_tval14-start-interval-0s)


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