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范国腾 fanguoteng at highgo.com
Tue Mar 6 20:27:16 EST 2018

Thank you, Rorthais,

I read the link and it is very helpful.

There are some issues that I have met when I installed the cluster.
1. “pcs cluster stop” could not stop the cluster in some times.
2. when I upgrade the PAF, I could just replace the pgsqlms file. When I upgrade the postgres, I just replace the /usr/local/pgsql/.
3.  If the cluster does not stop normally, the pgcontroldata status is not "SHUTDOWN",then the PAF would not start the postgresql any more, so I normally change the pgsqlms as below after installing the PAF.

elsif ( $pgisready_rc == 2 ) {
# The instance is not listening.
# We check the process status using pg_ctl status and check
# if it was propertly shut down using pg_controldata.
ocf_log( 'debug', 'pgsql_monitor: instance "%s" is not listening',
return _confirm_stopped();      ####### remove this line
return $OCF_NOT_RUNNING;    ####### add this line 

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Hi guys,

Few month ago, I started a new chapter about this exact subject for "PAF - Cluster administration under CentOS" ( see:

Please, find attach my draft.

All feedback, fix, comments and intensive tests are welcome!

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