[ClusterLabs] Upgrade corosync problem

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Fri Jun 29 11:46:13 EDT 2018

On 26/06/18 11:03 +0200, Salvatore D'angelo wrote:
> Yes, sorry you’re right I could find it by myself.
> However, I did the following:
> 1. Added the line you suggested to /etc/fstab
> 2. mount -o remount /dev/shm
> 3. Now I correctly see /dev/shm of 512M with df -h
> Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> overlay          63G   11G   49G  19% /
> tmpfs            64M  4.0K   64M   1% /dev
> tmpfs          1000M     0 1000M   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
> osxfs           466G  158G  305G  35% /Users
> /dev/sda1        63G   11G   49G  19% /etc/hosts
> shm             512M   15M  498M   3% /dev/shm
> tmpfs          1000M     0 1000M   0% /sys/firmware
> tmpfs           128M     0  128M   0% /tmp
> The errors in log went away. Consider that I remove the log file
> before start corosync so it does not contains lines of previous
> executions.
> But the command:
> corosync-quorumtool -ps
> still give:
> Cannot initialize QUORUM service
> Consider that few minutes before it gave me the message:
> Cannot initialize CFG service
> I do not know the differences between CFG and QUORUM in this case.
> If I try to start pacemaker the service is OK but I see only
> pacemaker and the Transport does not work if I try to run a cam
> command.
> Any suggestion?

Frankly, best generic suggestion I can serve with is to learn
sufficient portions of the details about the tool you are relying on.

I had a second look and it seems that what drives the actual
size of the container's /dev/shm mountpoint with docker
(per other response, you don't seem to be using --ipc switch) is
it's --shm-size option for "run" subcommand (hence it's rather
a property of the run-time, as the default of "64m" may be
silently overriding your believed-to-be-persistent static changes
within the container).

Try using that option and you'll see.  Definitely keep you mind open
regarding "container != magic-less system" inequality.

Jan (Poki)
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