[ClusterLabs] Fencing on 2-node cluster

Casey & Gina caseyandgina at icloud.com
Wed Jun 20 17:59:58 EDT 2018

> Note: Please reply to he list, not me directly.

I intended to.  I don't know why sometimes when I click "Reply" it defaults to the list but sometimes it does not.  Anyways...

> The stonith delay helps predict who will win in a comms break event
> where both try to fence the other at the same time. If you disable
> quorum and it still doesn't fence, something else is wrong (and it's not
> related to the delay).

Okay, I would still like to understand how to apply this setting.

I created the stonith device with the following command; I don't know how I could adjust a delay attribute for one host since this is global?

crm configure primitive vfencing stonith::external/vcenter params VI_SERVER="<my_vcenter>" VI_CREDSTORE="/etc/pacemaker/vicredentials.xml" HOSTLIST="d-gp2-dbpg64-1;d-gp2-dbpg64-2" RESETPOWERON="1"

> Get the cluster healthy, tail the system logs from both nodes, trigger a
> fault and wait for things to settle. Then share the logs please.

What do you mean by "system logs"?  Do you mean the corosync.log?  Triggering a fault is powering off a node, so I can't get a tailed log file from that host.  Is there another mechanism I should try?


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