[ClusterLabs] Fencing on 2-node cluster

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Wed Jun 20 17:24:41 EDT 2018

Make sure quorum is disabled. Quorum doesn't work on 2-node clusters.
Also be sure to set a fence delay on the "primary" node (however you
define that) so that you have some predictability about which node will
live in a comms break event.


On 2018-06-20 05:22 PM, Casey & Gina wrote:
> I tried testing out a fencing configuration that I had working with a 3-node cluster, using a 2-node cluster.  What I found is that when I power off one of the nodes forcibly, it does not get fenced and rebooted as it does on a 3-node cluster.  I have verified that I can fence and reboot one node from the other using stonith_admin...  Is there a difference in the configuration that is needed on a 2-node cluster for fencing to work?
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