[ClusterLabs] [questionnaire] Do you manage your pacemaker configuration by hand and (if so) what reusability features do you use?

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Thu Jun 14 15:01:00 EDT 2018

On 31/05/18 14:48 +0200, Jan Pokorný wrote:
> I am soliciting feedback on these CIB features related questions,
> please reply (preferably on-list so we have the shared collective
> knowledge) if at least one of the questions is answered positively
> in your case (just tick the respective "[ ]" boxes as "[x]").
> Any other commentary also welcome -- thank you in advance.

Time to thank to the people (totalling 2) I've heard back from
that responded positively to at least a single box below.

Just a short summary:

> 1.  [ ] Do you edit CIB by hand (as opposed to relying on crm/pcs or
>         their UI counterparts)?


either as primary or a fallback way to reach something in the

> 2.  [ ] Do you use "template" based syntactic simplification[1] in CIB?


makes configuration easier/terser (possibly even "dramatically")

> 3.  [ ] Do you use "id-ref" based syntactic simplification[2] in CIB?


looks like this feature never picked up momentum, no wonder there are
lurking bugs, e.g.  https://github.com/ClusterLabs/pacemaker/pull/1511

> 3.1 [ ] When positive about 3., would you mind much if "id-refs" got
>         unfold/exploded during the "cibadmin --upgrade --force"
>         equivalent as a reliability/safety precaution?

already explained that the arrangement for upgrade of the
configuration schema instance to the 3.x line of the schemas will go
the extra mile to circumvent possible dicrepancies, so the gist of
this terse expression will remain regardless

> 4.  [ ] Do you use "tag" based syntactic grouping[3] in CIB?


keeps me at guess what it was meant to/could be used for in practice
(had some ideas but will gladly be surprised if anyone's going to
give it a crack)

> (Some of these questions tangentially touch the topic of perhaps
> excessively complex means of configuration that was raised during
> the 2017's cluster summit.)
> [1] https://clusterlabs.org/pacemaker/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.1/html-single/Pacemaker_Explained/index.html#_reusing_resource_definitions
> [2] https://clusterlabs.org/pacemaker/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.1/html-single/Pacemaker_Explained/index.html#s-reusing-config-elements
> [3] https://clusterlabs.org/pacemaker/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.1/html-single/Pacemaker_Explained/index.html#_tagging_configuration_elements

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