[ClusterLabs] Ansible role to configure Pacemaker

Styopa Semenukha ssemenukha at developmentgateway.org
Wed Jun 6 15:51:44 EDT 2018

Hi all,

We wrote a role to configure Pacemaker clusters, and I'd like to share 
it with the community. Any questions or comments welcome.

Unlike similar roles/playbooks, this one works directly on CIB XML dump, 
as recommended by Pacemaker Explained document, and not parsing pcs 
output. It changes the document as needed, validates it using 
crm_verify, and pushes to the cluster. The role is idempotent (won't 
make unnecessary changes) and supports check mode.

We tested it on Scientific Linux 7, so it will work fine on RHEL 7, and 
compatible Fedora/CentOS. Ansible 2.5 is required, because it uses some 
new grammar and modules, but luckily 2.5 is already in Debian Sid that 
we run on our laptops.

What it currently doesn't do is detecting/configuring Firewalld (for 
Corosync/Pacemaker), but we'll probably add this feature. Configuring 
rules for the cluster-managed apps is on the user, of course.

It's GPLv3, so enjoy, share, and fork:
Best regards,
Styopa Semenukha,
Senior IT Analyst at Development Gateway.

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