[ClusterLabs] Understanding\Manually adjusting node-health-strategy

Ian Underhill ianpunderhill at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 13:44:34 EDT 2018

when a resource fails on a node I would like to mark the node unhealthy, so
other resources dont start up on it.

I believe I can achieve this, ignoring the concept of fencing at the moment.

I have tried to set my cluster to have a node-health-strategy as only_green.

However trying to manually adjust the nodes health, I believe I can set an
attribute #health on a node (see ref docs) but trying to set any attribute
#health???? fails?

# sudo crm_attribute --node myNode --name=#health --update=red
      Error setting     #health=red (section=nodes, set=nodes-3): Update
does not conform to the configured schema Error performing operation:
Update does not conform to the configured schema

Im slightly surprised I dont get "something for free" regarding pacemaker
auto adjusting the health of a node when resources fail on it? am I missing
a setting or is this done by hand.



*ref docs*
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