[ClusterLabs] Cluster IP that "supports" two subnets !?

Kristoffer Grönlund kgronlund at suse.com
Mon Jan 8 22:29:42 EST 2018

Zarko Dudic <zarko.dudic at oracle.com> writes:

> Hi there, I'd like to setup a cluster, with two nodes, but on two 
> different sub-nets (nodes are in two different cities). Notes are 
> running Oracle Linux 7.4 and so far I have both them running and cluster 
> software have been installed and configured.
> Well, next is to add a resources and I'd like to start with ClusterIP, 
> and seems it's straightforward if nodes are on same subnet, which is not 
> my case. First of all is it possible to accomplish what I want, and if 
> yes, I'd appreciate to hear some suggestions. Thanks a lot.


I'm not sure I understand the question so my answer may be off the

An IP address is intrinsically part of a particular subnet, so how would
managing an IP address across separate subnets work? Or do you mean to
manage an IP address from a third subnet mapped to both locations? This
second option is indeed possible using the regular IP resources, it is
more of a network setup problem.

Another option would be to manage DNS records across subnets. This is
possible using the dnsupdate resource.

Yet a third option would be to access the resources through a proxy, but
then availability is of course limited to the availability of the
proxy and network between proxy and the active site.


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> Thanks,
> Zarko
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