[ClusterLabs] Announcing the Anvil! version 2.0.4

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Wed Feb 14 21:30:43 EST 2018

Welcome to the Anvil! Intelligent Availability™[1] release v2.0.4!

This is a significant release with new features and bug fixes. Existing
users are encouraged to update[2].

Notable New features;

* HP Proliant servers are now support via the new 'scan-hpacucli' scan
agent. Note: We can not include the 'hpacucli' RPM with the Anvil!
install media. Please install this RPM on each node manually to enable
this agent. Nothing beyond installing the RPM is needed.
* Dell Poweredge servers are now fully supported.
* Added support for LANPlus-based IPMI fencing, as well as custom IPMI
user names in Install Manifests.
* Created the new 'anvil-manage-disks'[3] tool for adding, removing or
growing "hard drives" connected to servers.
* Created the new 'fence_apc_alteeve' fence handler that properly
handles newer APC PDUs that report an SNMP error on outlet state change,
causing 'fence_apc_snmp' to report fence failure when the fence action
in fact succeeded.
* Added the new 'scancore::agent_timeout' variable (default 300 seconds)
that limits how long an agent can run for before being declared hung and

Notable Bug Fixes;

* The 'scan-apc-ups' agent properly removes UPSes that are removed from
the 'hosts' file. This improves the handling of load shedding and
emergency shutdown decision making in complex power configurations.
* Improved handling of node cache data when the password is changed on
an Anvil! node.
* Fixed how 'striker-update' updates data in the HTML directories on
Striker dashboards.
* Fixed a bug where a notification target with an empty recipient name
would cause alerts to not be delivered to that recipient.
* Improved handling of ScanCore database resync after extended node or
dashboard downtime.
* Improved storage partition handling and "Restart" button linking when
an Install Manifest run had to abort and be restarted.
* Fixed a bug on RHEL-based Striker dashboards with ASIX-based USB
ethernet adapters that weren't recompiled after a kernel update.
Added better handling of new APC UPS firmware that removed some OIDs.

A full listing on changes can be found here[4].

Special thanks to "nummysquee" who did the heavy lifting of testing and
re-testing this release!

1. https://www.alteeve.com/w/What_is_an_Anvil!_and_why_do_I_care%3F
2. https://www.alteeve.com/w/Update_a_Striker_v2_and_an_Anvil!_m2
3. https://www.alteeve.com/w/Managing_Drives_on_a_server_on_an_Anvil!_m2
4. https://github.com/ClusterLabs/striker/compare/v2.0.3...v2.0.4

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