[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker startup retries

Cesar Hernandez c.hernandez at medlabmg.com
Fri Aug 31 02:37:45 EDT 2018


> Do you mean you have a custom fencing agent configured? If so, check
> the return value of each attempt. Pacemaker should request fencing only
> once as long as it succeeds (returns 0), but if the agent fails
> (returns nonzero or times out), it will retry, even if the reboot
> worked in reality.

Yes, custom fencing agent, and it always returns 0 
> FYI, corosync 2 has a "two_node" setting that includes "wait_for_all"
> -- with that, you don't need to ignore quorum in pacemaker, and the
> cluster won't start until both nodes have seen each other at least
> once.

Well I'm ok with the quorum behaviour but I want to know why it reboots 3 times on startup.
When both nodes are up and running, and if one node stops responding, the other node fences it only 1 time, not 3
Do you know why it happens?


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