[ClusterLabs] Q: HA_RSCTMP in SLES11 SP4 at first start after reboot

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Mon Aug 13 11:26:20 EDT 2018

On 13/08/18 18:13 +0300, Vladislav Bogdanov wrote:
> 10.08.2018 19:52, Ulrich Windl wrote:
>> A simple question: One of my RAs uses $HA_RSCTMP in SLES11 SP4, and it reports the following problem:
>>  WARNING: Unwritable HA_RSCTMP directory /var/run/resource-agents - using /tmp
> Just make sure you avoid using that code in 'meta-data' action handler (it
> is run by crmd which runs under hacluster user to obtain and cache agent
> meta-data and I bet that message is from that run).

Ah, this counterintuitivness didn't occur to me when answering, thanks.

>> However the directory has the following permissions:
>> drwxr-xr-t 2 root root 4096 Aug 10 18:05 /var/run/resource-agents
>> My code to check this is:
>> if [ ! -w "$HA_RSCTMP" -a "$(id -u)" -ne 0 ]; then
>>     ocf_log warn "Unwritable HA_RSCTMP directory $HA_RSCTMP - using /tmp"
>>     HA_RSCTMP=/tmp
>> fi
>> Did I overlook something obvious? Could it be that the directory is
>> created after the error message? I suspect that the error is
>> triggered during a parameter validation after the cluster node had
>> been rebooted...

Jan (Poki)
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