[ClusterLabs] crmsh 3.0 availability for RHEL 7..4?

Ron Kerry ron.kerry at hpe.com
Thu Aug 2 14:55:18 EDT 2018

Is there a pre-packaged rpm available that will work on RHEL 7.4.

Right now all I have is a much older crmsh-2.1+git98 package. This does 
not work for configuration purposes on RHEL7.4. I get these sorts of 
errors trying to configure resources.

[root at node2 ~]# crm configure edit
ERROR: CIB not supported: validator 'pacemaker-2.10', release '3.0.14'
ERROR: You may try the upgrade command
ERROR: configure: Missing requirements

The upgrade command, of course, does not work. I can configure things 
with pcs, but I already have a pre-defined crm style configuration text 
file with all my primitives, groups, clones and constraints that I would 
like to be able to use directly.


Ron Kerry
ron.kerry at hpe.com

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