[ClusterLabs] DRBD, dual-primary, Live-Migration - Cluster FS necessary ?

Nick Wang nwang at suse.com
Thu Sep 7 03:24:58 EDT 2017

On 09/06/2017 07:30 PM, Lentes, Bernd wrote:
> Hi,
> i just want to be sure. I created a DRBD partition in a dual primary setup. I have a VirtualDomain (KVM) resource which resides in the naked DRBD (without FS), and i can live migrate.
> Are there situations where in this setup a cluster fs is necessary/recommended ? I'd like to avoid it, it causes more complexity.
Dual primary DRBD is one way or you can try using SAN/Iscsi.
> Btw: resource level fencing is necessary. Is the setup for dual-primary the same as with single-primary ?
Almost the same, but need to enable "allow-two-primaries"  in DRBD and 
set two master in pacemaker.

Best regards,

> My cluster: SLES 11 SP4, DRBD 8.4.4, pacemaker 1.12.
> Thanks.
> Bernd

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