[ClusterLabs] Antw: Is there a way to ignore a single monitoring timeout

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Fri Sep 1 10:21:03 EDT 2017

On 01/09/17 09:48 +0300, Klechomir wrote:
> I have cases, when for an unknown reason a single monitoring request
> never returns result.
> So having bigger timeouts doesn't resolve this problem.

If I get you right, the pain point here is a command called by the
resource agents during monitor operation, while this command under
some circumstances _never_ terminates (for dead waiting, infinite
loop, or whatever other reason) or possibly terminates based on
external/asynchronous triggers (e.g. network connection gets

Stating obvious, the solution should be:
- work towards fixing such particular command if blocking
  is an unexpected behaviour (clarify this with upstream
  if needed)
- find more reliable way for the agent to monitor the resource

For the planned soft-recovery options Ken talked about, I am not
sure if it would be trivially possible to differentiate exceeded
monitor timeout from a plain monitor failure.

Jan (Poki)
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