[ClusterLabs] Transition aborted when disabling resource

Roberto Muñoz Gomez rmunoz at grupobme.es
Wed Sep 27 05:26:11 EDT 2017


It is common to get a "Transition aborted" error when try to disable a resource?

I have some cron task to disable and enable resources, I see it works well most of the time. But sometimes I get errors like:

Sep 25 23:50:08 [4501] vttwinformlrz1       crmd:     info: abort_transition_graph:      Transition aborted by deletion of m
 Configuration change | cib=0.18639.0 source=te_update_diff:456
ources/group[@id='ctpinet']/primitive[@id='ctpinetfh']/meta_attributes[@id='ctpinetfh-meta_attributes'] complete=false

The cron log shows is executed:

Sep 25 23:50:01 vttwinformlrz1 CROND[9252]: (root) CMD (/sbin/pcs resource disable ctpinetfh)

This is just one example, it happens randomly with others resources and times.

How can it be avoid?



Roberto Muñoz

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