[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker 1.1.18 deprecation warnings

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Mon Sep 18 13:48:38 EDT 2017

As discussed at the recent ClusterLabs Summit, I plan to start the
release cycle for Pacemaker 1.1.18 soon.

There will be the usual bug fixes and a few small new features, but the
main goal will be to provide a final 1.1 release that Pacemaker 2.0 can
branch from.

As such, 1.1.18 will start to log deprecation warnings for syntax that
is planned to be removed in 2.0. So, we need to decide fairly quickly
what we intend to remove.

Below is what I'm proposing. If anyone feels strongly about keeping
support for any of these, speak now or forever hold your peace!

* support for legacy cluster stacks (heartbeat, corosync 1 + CMAN, and
corosync 1 + pacemaker plugin). Pacemaker 2.0 will initially support
only corosync 2, though future support is planned for the new knet

* compile-time option to directly support SNMP and ESMTP in crm_mon
(i.e. the --snmp-* and --mail-* options) (alerts are the current

* pcmk_*_cmd stonith attributes (pcmk_*_action is the current syntax)

* pcmk_poweroff_action (pcmk_off_action is the current syntax)

* "requires" operation meta-attribute ("requires" resource meta-
attribute is the current syntax)

* undocumented "resource isolation" feature (bundles are current

* undocumented LRMD_MAX_CHILDREN environment variable
(PCMK_node_action_limit is the current syntax)

* cluster properties that have been obsoleted by the rsc_defaults and
op_defaults sections
** stonith-enabled or stonith_enabled (now "requires" in rsc_defaults)
** default-resource-stickiness, default_resource_stickiness (now
"resource-stickiness" in rsc_defaults)
** is-managed-default or is_managed_default (now "is-managed" in
** default-action-timeout or default_action_timeout (now "timeout" in

* undocumented old names of cluster properties
** no_quorum_policy (now no-quorum-policy)
** symmetric_cluster (now symmetric-cluster)
** stonith_action (now stonith-action)
** startup_fencing (now startup-fencing)
** transition_idle_timeout (now cluster-delay)
** default_action_timeout (now default-action-timeout)
** stop_orphan_resources (now stop-orphan-resources)
** stop_orphan_actions (now stop-orphan-actions)
** remote_after_stop (now remove-after-stop)
** dc_deadtime (now dc-deadtime)
** cluster_recheck_interval (now cluster-recheck-interval)
** election_timeout (now election-timeout)
** shutdown_escalation (now shutdown-escalation)

* undocumented old names of resource meta-attributes
** resource-failure-stickiness, resource_failure_stickiness, default-
resource-failure-stickiness, and
default_resource_failure_stickiness (now migration-threshold)

* undocumented and ignored -r option to lrmd

* compile-time option to use undocumented "notification-agent" and
"notification-recipient" cluster properties instead of current "alerts"

* compatibility with CIB schemas below 1.0, and schema 1.1 (should not
affect anyone who created their configuration using Pacemaker 1.0.0 or
Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>

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