[ClusterLabs] XenServer guest and host watchdog

Mark Syms Mark.Syms at citrix.com
Fri Sep 8 08:57:12 EDT 2017

Hi Klaus,

Good to meet you and everyone else at the summit.

As we discussed regarding the handling of watchdog in XenServer, both guest and host, I've had a discussion with our subject matter expert (Andrew, cc'd) on this topic. The guest watchdogs are handled by a hardware timer in the hypervisor but if the timers themselves are not serviced within 5 seconds the host watchdog will fire and pull the host down.

Hopefully this allays your concerns regarding the robustness of the watchdog process for the guest VMs on a XenServer environment?

Note - whilst the upstream, community supported Xen project has the same code for this process it is not enabled by default whereas it is in the Citrix packaged and supported version.

If you need any further clarification please ask and hopefully we can give you the detail you require.

Looking forward to working with you and the community on the clustering components as we integrate them with XenServer.


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