[ClusterLabs] building from source

Tomas Jelinek tojeline at redhat.com
Thu Nov 30 04:17:47 EST 2017

Dne 29.11.2017 v 16:03 Ken Gaillot napsal(a):
> On Tue, 2017-11-28 at 11:23 -0800, Aaron Cody wrote:
>> I'm trying to build all of the pacemaker/corosync components from
>> source instead of using the redhat rpms - I have a few questions.
>> I'm building on redhat 7.2 and so far I have been able to build:
>> libqb 1.0.2
>> pacemaker 1.1.18
>> corosync 2.4.3
>> resource-agents 4.0.1
>> however I have not been able to build pcs yet, i'm getting ruby
>> errors:
>> sudo make install_pcsd
>> which: no python3 in (/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
>> make -C pcsd build_gems
>> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/whacuser/pcs/pcsd'
>> bundle package
>> `ruby_22` is not a valid platform. The available options are: [:ruby,
>> :ruby_18, :ruby_19, :ruby_20, :ruby_21, :mri, :mri_18, :mri_19,
>> :mri_20, :mri_21, :rbx, :jruby,
>> :jruby_18, :jruby_19, :mswin, :mingw, :mingw_18, :mingw_19,
>> :mingw_20, :mingw_21, :x64_mingw, :x64_mingw_20, :x64_mingw_21]
>> make[1]: *** [get_gems] Error 4
>> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/whacuser/pcs/pcsd'
>> make: *** [install_pcsd] Error 2
>> Q1: Is this the complete set of components I need to build?
> Not considering pcs, yes.
>> Q2: do I need cluster-glue?
> It's only used now to be able to use heartbeat-style fence agents. If
> you have what you need in Red Hat's fence agent packages, you don't
> need it.
>> Q3: any idea how I can get past the build error with pcsd?

Modify gemfiles as described at 

>> Q4: if I use the pcs rpm instead of building pcs from source, I see
>> an error when my cluster starts up 'unable to get cib'. This didn't
>> happen when I was using the redhat rpms, so i'm wondering what i'm
>> missing...

You mean you got the error when using RHEL 7.2 pcs rpm and pacemaker 
built from sources while when you used both pcs and pacemaker RHEL 7.2 
rpms there was no error? When and where did you get this error? It might 
be simply the case of trying to access the CIB while pacemaker is still 
starting. Or it might be some incompatibility between old pcs and new 
pacemaker. Hard to say with this little info.

Anyway, I agree with Ken regarding upgrading to 7.4 and use RHEL rpms.

>> thanks
> pcs development is closely tied to Red Hat releases, so it's hit-or-
> miss mixing and matching pcs and RHEL versions. Upgrading to RHEL 7.4
> would get you recent versions of everything, though, so that would be
> easiest if it's an option.

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