[ClusterLabs] pacemaker with sbd fails to start if node reboots too fast.

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 09:31:26 EST 2017

22.11.2017 22:45, Klaus Wenninger пишет:
>> Nov 22 16:04:56 sapprod01s crmd[3151]:     crit: We were allegedly
>> just fenced by sapprod01p for sapprod01p
>> Nov 22 16:04:56 sapprod01s pacemakerd[3137]:  warning: The crmd
>> process (3151) can no longer be respawned,
>> Nov 22 16:04:56 sapprod01s pacemakerd[3137]:   notice: Shutting down Pacemaker
>> SBD timeouts are 60s for watchdog and 120s for msgwait. It seems that
>> stonith with SBD always takes msgwait (at least, visually host is not
>> declared as OFFLINE until 120s passed). But VM rebots lightning fast
>> and is up and running long before timeout expires.
>> I think I have seen similar report already. Is it something that can
>> be fixed by SBD/pacemaker tuning?
> Don't know it from sbd but have seen where fencing using
> the cycle-method with machines that boot quickly leads to
> strange behavior.
> If you configure sbd to not clear the disk-slot on startup
> (SBD_START_MODE=clean) it should be left to the other
> side to do that which should prevent the other node from
> coming up while the one fencing is still waiting. You might
> set the method from cycle to off/on to make the fencing
> side clean the slot.
>> I can provide full logs tomorrow if needed.
> Yes would be interesting to see more ...

crm_report attached (it's from different trivial test cluster). Actually
I can reliably reproduce it as long as node is rebooted and pacemaker is
started before stonith agent confirmed node kill.

Unfortunately in case of SBD I cannot set stonith timeout too low as we
need to account for possible storage path failover.
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