[ClusterLabs] Important note for anyone using guest nodes and upgrading to 1.1.18

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Mon Nov 20 13:56:18 EST 2017

On Mon, 2017-11-20 at 18:35 +0100, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com> writes:
> > This will also be of interest to distribution packagers ...
> Hi Ken,
> Do you mean that this warrants a prominent package changelog entry?
> Or what else could packagers do about this?

Mainly publicizing it via changelog/release notes/whatever is
available. I don't think reverting it is a good idea, but that's an
option for a packager as well, if preserving behavior is more important
than fixing issues.
Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>

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