[ClusterLabs] Where to Find pcs and pcsd for OpenSUSE LEAP 4.23

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Sat Nov 11 00:44:05 EST 2017

Eric Robinson <eric.robinson at psmnv.com> wrote:
>> Which aspects of its constraints handling do you like, and why?  I'm curious,
>> since I wasn't aware that it was significantly different from crmsh in this
>> respect.
>Well, to be fair, in the past I have always configured my clusters by
>using 'crm configure edit' and building the config in a full-screen
>editor, and then saving it. Using that method, I have often had trouble
>getting my colocations and orderings to work properly.

So don't do it that way? ;-)  crm lets you edit one constraint at a time,
just like pcs.

>You have to use parenthesis and brackets to group things

You don't actually, that's only required in more complex cases.

>and when you're done and save it, the cluster sometimes re-writes your
>statements for you. When you edit the config again, it looks different
>than what you typed and the resource dependencies are not what you
>wanted. It's very frustrating.

I've never experienced that.  Please could you give some specific

>With pcs, the colocation syntax 'constraint add resource1 with
>resource2' and order syntax 'resource2 then resource1" are very
>intuitive, and cumulative.

Here are the equivalents for comparison (I think - not tested):

    location r1-with-r2 resource1 inf: resource2
    order r1-before-r2 mandatory: resource1 resource2

So yeah, the pcs syntax is mildly simpler, but it's hardly an
earth-shattering differences, and perhaps it hides some other details,
like the nature and threshold of the constraint?

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