[ClusterLabs] Where to Find pcs and pcsd for OpenSUSE LEAP 4.23

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Tue Nov 7 21:19:17 EST 2017

> Which aspects of its constraints handling do you like, and why?  I'm curious,
> since I wasn't aware that it was significantly different from crmsh in this
> respect.

Well, to be fair, in the past I have always configured my clusters by using 'crm configure edit' and building the config in a full-screen editor, and then saving it. Using that method, I have often had trouble getting my colocations and orderings to work properly. You have to use parenthesis and brackets to group things, and when you're done and save it, the cluster sometimes re-writes your statements for you. When you edit the config again, it looks different than what you typed and the resource dependencies are not what you wanted. It's very frustrating.

With pcs, the colocation syntax 'constraint add resource1 with resource2' and order syntax 'resource2 then resource1" are very intuitive, and cumulative. I always get exactly what I want. The first time I configured a cluster with pcs I fell in love with it.  


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