[ClusterLabs] Configuring booth for multi-site cluster

Nicolas Huillard nicolas at huillard.net
Fri Nov 3 17:24:54 EDT 2017


I was not able to have arbitrator="address.at.arbitrator.net" to work
(differing resolution is OK, but booth didn't accept names), and having
a different booth.conf on the various sites was not a good idea (and
didn't work for other reasons).
All in all, I finally replaced some existing direct routing with IPsec
tunnels passing through the correct links, and booth works great. My
initial idea was to use each site/cluster gateway external IP as the
booth.conf site=, but I stumbled upon the NAT hurdle.
I changed my mind and now use each site/cluster gateway internal IP as
the booth.conf site=, routing the traffic through the external links
using IPsec tunnels. These tunnels allow to pass other kind of traffic
(Muinin monitoring, etc.) that was not cleanly handled previously.

All in all, booth could be NAT-aware, but it's not such a problem if
one reviews every need.

Thanks all,

Nicolas Huillard

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