[ClusterLabs] [ClusterLabs Developers] announcement: schedule for resource-agents release 4.1.0

Oyvind Albrigtsen oalbrigt at redhat.com
Fri Nov 3 07:34:21 EDT 2017

I forgot to update the number of issues and PR's.

There are currently 63 issues and 45 pull requests open.

On 03/11/17 12:26 +0100, Oyvind Albrigtsen wrote:
>This is a tentative schedule for resource-agents v4.1.0:
>4.1.0-rc1: November 14.
>4.1.0: November 21.
>I modified the corresponding milestones at
>If there's anything you think should be part of the release
>please open an issue, a pull request, or a bugzilla, as you see
>If there's anything that hasn't received due attention, please
>let us know.
>Finally, if you can help with resolving issues consider yourself
>invited to do so. There are currently 49 issues and 38 pull
>requests still open.
>Oyvind Albrigtsen
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