[ClusterLabs] resource-agents v4.1.0

Oyvind Albrigtsen oalbrigt at redhat.com
Tue Nov 28 08:36:27 EST 2017

ClusterLabs is happy to announce resource-agents v4.1.0.
Source code is available at:

The most significant enhancements in this release are:
- new resource agents:
  - ipsec
  - aws-vpc-route53
  - LVM-activate
  - minio
  - NodeUtilization
  - oraasm
  - ovsmonitor
  - rkt
  - ZFS

- bugfixes and enhancements:
  - db2: fix HADR promote when master failed
  - ethmonitor: add intel omnipath support
  - aws*: fixes and improvements
  - CTDB: fixes for newer versions
  - CTDB: fix for --logfile being replaced with --logging
  - DB2: fix HADR support for DB2 V98+
  - docker: add docker-native healthcheck
  - galera: fix for MariaDB 10.1.21+
  - mysql: set correct master score after maintenance mode
  - ocf-shellfuncs: improve locking (ocf_take_lock())
  - pgsql: add support for PostgreSQL 10
  - pgsql: allow dynamic membership
  - rabbitmq-cluster: fix to work on Pacemaker remote nodes

The full list of changes for resource-agents is available at:

Everyone is encouraged to download and test the new release.
We do many regression tests and simulations, but we can't cover all
possible use cases, so your feedback is important and appreciated.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release.

The resource-agents maintainers

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