[ClusterLabs] Low priority colocation

Alan Birtles alan at birtles.org.uk
Fri Nov 24 06:32:26 EST 2017

Is it possible to setup pacemaker with a resource which will only run on
the same machine as another resource but that will not trigger a failover
of the second resource if the first resource becomes unrunnable?
I have 2 resources A and B. Resource A is the main resource and B is some
monitoring resource which should only be run on the same machine as A but
if B fails to run on a machine it shouldn't trigger a movement of A to
another machine. If A fails on a machine it should move to another machine
and then B should also move to that machine.
I've tried setting a low score on the colocation constraint which does stop
A from moving when B fails but this then allows B to start on a machine
which isn't running A.
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