[ClusterLabs] [Announce] clufter v0.77.0 released

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Fri Nov 10 17:25:29 EST 2017

I am happy to announce that clufter, a tool/library for transforming
and analyzing cluster configuration formats, got its version 0.77.0
tagged and released (incl. signature using my 60BCBB4F5CD7F9EF key):
or alternative (original) location:

The updated test suite for this version is also provided:
or alternatively:

Changelog highlights for v0.77.0 (also available as a tag message):

- bug fix and extension release (qdevice heuristics, bundle meta attrs)
- bug fixes:
  . practically every built-in command accepts "magic files" in place
    of regular file specifications as arguments (also advertised at
    the bottom of "clufter COMMAND -h"), but when it denotes the input
    and happens to be resolved as standard input, a problem would
    previously arise under Python 3, because this stream is implicitly
    switched in text mode, whereas the data to be fetched are expected
    to be raw bytes by the established framework (not enforced in Py2)
  . pcs2pcscmd-needle command would previously lead to an incorrect
    "pcs cluster setup" command in the resulting sequence when the
    "cluster_name" parameter in the "totem" section of the input
    corosync configuration was not (very legitimately) specified,
    because the name of the first given node (if present) would
    be mistakenly used where the cluster name specification was
    expected as it was effectively skipped in the respective syntax;
    now an artificial name is supplied instead if need be
    (currently, pcs cannot create nameless clusters like that)
  . all commands having sequence of pcs commands on the output,
    hence getting post-processed (line-wrapped and generally
    prettified) with the aim to get them human-friendly, might
    previously suffer from some characters with special meaning
    in shell language not being quoted (nor escaped for that matter)
    properly (despite they might have been prior to this post-process),
    leading to various, possibly subtle misbehaviours when executed
    (for instance part of the intended standalone command being run in
    the backgrounded subshell while the rest getting interpreted as
    as a whole new, likely not fulfillable, command, if the particular
    unquoted chunk in the case at hand contained '&' character); trivial
    instances of this discrepancy should no longer occur, and for extra
    confidence (or as a workaround with older versions), one can always
    use "--noop=cmd-wrap" to suppress (tiny bit erratic) post-processing
    (thanks to Madkiss, seconded by lge at #clusterlabs)
- feature extensions:
  . {ccs,cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands now make use of "--encryption 0|1"
    switch finally added to "pcs cluster setup" command, incl. dealing
    with a hiccup of introducing that support unconditionally (0.9.158),
    only to return back to original default of no encryption, but with
    a possibility to enable it (0.9.159 and counting), depending
    on the pcs versions of the target distribution
  . pcs2pcscmd-needle command is now aware of configured heuristics for
    a quorum device in corosync.conf-equivalent files and able to emit
    respective configuration commands sing pcs tool, provided that the
    target versions of relevant packages already support that
  . {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands are now aware of configured meta
    attributes for top-level "bundle" encapsulations in CIB and able
    to emit respective configuration commands using pcs tool, provided
    that the target versions of relevant packages already support that
- internal enhancements:
  . as pacemaker crossed the bridge and CIB schema versioning is no
    longer compatible with string- and float-based comparisons, some
    adaptation was required both code and release automation wise,
    along with the update of higher-bound (merged-form) schema for CIB
    up to this 2.10 version, which actually initiated those changes

* * *

The public repository (notably master and next branches) is currently at
(rather than <https://github.com/jnpkrn/clufter>).

Official, signed releases can be found at
<https://pagure.io/releases/clufter/> or, alternatively, at
(also beware, automatic git archives preserve a "dev structure").

Natively packaged in Fedora (python-clufter, clufter-cli, ...).

Issues & suggestions can be reported at either of (regardless if Fedora)

Happy clustering/high-availing :)

Jan (Poki)
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