[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker responsible of DRBD and a systemd resource

Derek Wuelfrath dwuelfrath at inverse.ca
Thu Nov 9 20:27:40 EST 2017

Hello there,

First post here but following since a while!

Here’s my issue,
we are putting in place and running this type of cluster since a while and never really encountered this kind of problem.

I recently set up a Corosync / Pacemaker / PCS cluster to manage DRBD along with different other resources. Part of theses resources are some systemd resources… this is the part where things are “breaking”.

Having a two servers cluster running only DRBD or DRBD with an OCF ipaddr2 resource (Cluser IP in instance) works just fine. I can easily move from one node to the other without any issue.
As soon as I add a systemd resource to the resource group, things are breaking. Moving from one node to the other using standby mode works just fine but as soon as Corosync / Pacemaker restart involves polling of a systemd resource, it seems like it is trying to start the whole resource group and therefore, create a split-brain of the DRBD resource.

It is the best explanation / description of the situation that I can give. If it need any clarification, examples, … I am more than open to share them.

Any guidance would be appreciated :)

Here’s the output of a ‘pcs config’

https://pastebin.com/1TUvZ4X9 <https://pastebin.com/1TUvZ4X9>


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