[ClusterLabs] One cluster with two groups of nodes

Alberto Mijares amijaresp at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 22:04:05 EST 2017

Hi guys, nice to say hello here.

I've been assigned with a very particular task: There's a
pacemaker-based cluster with 6 nodes. A system runs on three nodes
(group A), while the other three are hot-standby spares (group B).

Resources from group A are never supposed to me relocated individually
into nodes from group B. However, if any of the resources from group A
fails, all resources must be relocated into group B. It's an "all or
nothing" failover.

Ideally, you would split the cluster into two clusters and implement
Cluster-Sites and Tickets Management; however, it's not possible.

Taking all this into account, can you kindly suggest an strategy for
achieving the goal? I have some ideas but I'd like to hear from those
who have a lot more experience than me.

Thanks in advance,

Alberto Mijares

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