[ClusterLabs] Corosync OCFS2

David Ellingsworth david at desource.org
Wed Nov 8 12:16:22 EST 2017

I'm trying to set up a 2 node cluster using OCFS2 with a Pacemaker and
Corosync stack on Debian. I attempted to ocf:heartbeat:o2cb to satisfy
the o2cb requirement of OCFS2, but found that the required daemon
o2cb_controld.pcmk is not available for Debian because it was dependent
on OpenAIS which is no longer part of Corosync. I've reviewed the
relevant code for this daemon, but I am not familiar with the Corosync
or OpenAIS APIs in order to make the necessary conversion. The relevant
code is less than 200 lines long and can be found here:
Can someone take a look at this code and tell me if it can be converted
to Corosync, and if so point me in the direction of how to begin? Is
Corosync CPG the replacement for OpenAIS? 

I'm able to get OCFS2 working with lsb:o2cb, but OCFS2 fails the
ping_pong test provided with ctdb which is my ultimate goal here. From
my understanding, o2cb must use o2cb_controld.pcmk in order for OCFS2 to
function correctly in regards to ctdb. I obviously haven't been able to
test this configuration due to the current OpenAIS requirement of


David Ellingsworth
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