[ClusterLabs] [Announce] clufter v0.75.0 released

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Fri May 26 12:54:46 EDT 2017

I am happy to announce that clufter, a tool/library for transforming
and analyzing cluster configuration formats, got its version 0.70.0
tagged and released (incl. signature using my 60BCBB4F5CD7F9EF key):
or alternative (original) location:

The updated test suite for this version is also provided:
or alternatively:

Changelog highlights for v0.75.0 (also available as a tag message):

- enhancement and Python 3 compatibility improving release
- enhancements:
  . when using *2pcscmd commands, one can now specify --set-exec
    option to make executable; note this is explicitly discouraged
    as one should always take precautions prior to running anything
    executable from a semirandom source and this would only make
    it easier to skip that step and accidentally run the generated
    script right away
  . with {cib,pcs}2pcscmd commands, the generated sequence is now
    adapted to whether pcs is able to natively cope with "external/*"
    specification of stonith resources where applicable
  . borrowing directly from pacemaker project, the upgrade between
    1.x and 2.x lines of the schema for a CIB instance is now
    available as fmt-cib-1to2 filter, arranged to be implicitly
    triggered so as to bridge supplied vs. required format
    discrepancies (see first internal enhancement point below)
- feature extensions:
  . {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands are now aware of configured ACL
    definitions in CIB and able to emit respective configuration
    commands using pcs tool; thanks to implicit format upgrade
    arrangement with fmt-cib-1to2 filter (see above), it can cope
    with "old ACL style" of configuration at the input as well
    [resolves: rhbz#1440876]
  . likewise {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands now instruct sufficiently
    recent target pcs to perform push of the CIB changes (accumulated
    throughout the generated script) as a differential update rather
    than propagating a complete CIB copy, which remains the default
    otherwise (both unless push-by-push is applied, despite warnings)
- internal enhancements:
  . format hierarchies were noticeably rethought with a notion of
    upgradeability in mind -- something natural for the versioned,
    compatibility-sensitive formats such as CIB, the prime target
    (see also the mentioned upgrade filter); with a proper
    arrangement these upgrades are performed implicitly on the
    format instances being exchanged between the filters, should
    the target filter impose that on validation failure basis
  . Python 3 compatibility received further polishing
  . "metaspec" holding the suggested RPM packaging moved "nano"
    fallback editor dependency over to -cli package, resulting in
    a bit more lightweight pcs installation, as that itself depends
    just on python*-clufter
    [resolves: PGissue#1]

* * *

The public repository (notably master and next branches) is currently at
(rather than <https://github.com/jnpkrn/clufter>).

Official, signed releases can be found at
<https://pagure.io/releases/clufter/> or, alternatively, at
(also beware, automatic git archives preserve a "dev structure").

Natively packaged in Fedora (python-clufter, clufter-cli, ...).

Issues & suggestions can be reported at either of (regardless if Fedora)

Happy clustering/high-availing :)

Jan (Poki)
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