[ClusterLabs] "Connecting" Pacemaker with another cluster manager

Timo timo at kroenchenstadt.de
Tue May 23 03:22:25 EDT 2017


I have a proprietary cluster manager running on a bunch (four) of nodes.
It decides to run the daemon for which HA is required on its own set of
(undisclosed) requirements and decisions. This is, unfortunately,
unavoidable due to business requirements.

However, I have to put also Pacemaker onto the nodes in order to provide
an additional daemon running in HA mode. (I cannot do this using the
existing cluster manager, as this is a closed system.)

I have to make sure that the additional daemon (which I plan to
coordinate using Pacemaker) only runs on the machine where the daemon
(controlled by the existing, closed cluster manager) runs. I could check
for local VIPs, for example, to check whether it runs on a node or not.

Is there any way to make Pacemaker "check" for existence of a local
(V)IP so that I could "connect" both cluster managers?

In short: I need Pacemaker to put the single instance of a daemon
exactly onto the node the other cluster manager decided to run the
(primary) daemon.

Best regards,


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