[ClusterLabs] vip is not removed after node lost connection with the other two nodes

Hui Xiang xianghuir at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 03:41:02 EDT 2017

Thanks guys, very appreciated.

Jan Pokorný napsal(a):
>* [Hui, no need to address us individually along with the list, we are
*>* both subscribed to it since around the beginning]
*>>* On 26/06/17 16:10 +0800, Hui Xiang wrote:
*>>* Thanks guys!!
*>>>>* @Ken
*>>* I did "ifconfig ethx down" to make the cluster interface down.
*>>* That's what I suspected and what I tried to show as problematic to say
*>* the least, based on the previous dismay.
*>>>* @Jan
*>>>>* Do you know what is the "known bug" mentioned below:
*>>>>* "During ifdown corosync will rebind to localhost (this is long time
*>>* known bug) and behaves weirdly."
*>>>>* http://lists.clusterlabs.org/pipermail/users/2015-July/000878.html
*>>* There wasn't much investigation on your side, was it?*

*Sorry, I just subscribe this email-list last week, was lost myself to
find relative topic anywhere, thanks for the info :-)
*>>* https://github.com/corosync/corosync/wiki/Corosync-and-ifdown-on-active-network-interface
*>>* Honza Friesse or Chrissie can comment more on this topic.
There is really nothing to comment. We are working on fix for Corosync
3.x. Also even after fixing this bug it will be bad idea to test cluster
recovery just by using ifdown.
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