[ClusterLabs] what is the best practice for removing a node temporary (e.g. for installing updates) ?

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Mon Jun 19 12:10:13 EDT 2017

On 06/19/2017 10:23 AM, Lentes, Bernd wrote:
> Hi,
> what would you consider to be the best way for removing a node temporary from the cluster, e.g. for installing updates ?
> I thought "crm node maintenance node" would be the right way, but i was astonished that the resources keep running on it. I would have expected that the resources stop.
> I think "/etc/init.d/openais stop" seems to be a good solution. The resources are stopped and eventually moved to the other node, then i can install updates, change hardware ... and reboot it afterwards.
> Or prefer "crm node standby" ?
> Thanks.
> Bernd

standby followed by either maintenance mode or stop

standby moves all resources off the node, and ensures that resources
won't move back to it when it rejoins, giving you the chance to make
sure everything looks good before allowing resources back on it.

Maintenance mode or stop lets you mess with the node without getting it
fenced. With the node in standby, there's not a whole lot of difference.
Mainly a node in maintenance but still up contributes to quorum.

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