[ClusterLabs] Installing on SLES 12 -- Where's the Repos?

Kai Dupke kdupke at suse.com
Mon Jun 19 04:59:08 EDT 2017

On 06/16/2017 07:27 PM, Eric Robinson wrote:
> Rather go with the easiest option available.

And here it comes to the question of support.

For enterprises, be it just servers or High Availability, Storage or
Cloud, it's about the package as they say in the formula 1.

Having something as Open Source is one side of it, but making sure it
keeps working, is trustable, and someone is committed to help in case
there is need for help - that is the business of SUSE and others.

What SUSE does in HA Open Source, SUSE also is a proud and gentle
community member, bringing stuff upstream and into openSUSE, providing
tools for the Linux community etc.

However, you started with how to get access. Go to suse.com, products,
High availability and download an eval.

This gives you exact the offering customer can get - which is a media
with packages plus access to updates and support. The goal of this is to
evaluate the offering.

If you feel registration is too much effort, or you might be interested
into the community version without commercial support, then go with
openSUSE leap.

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