[ClusterLabs] Installing on SLES 12 -- Where's the Repos?

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Fri Jun 16 08:12:31 EDT 2017

On 16/06/17 04:14 AM, Eric Robinson wrote:
> Ø  You could test it for free, you just need to register
> Ø  to https://scc.suse.com/login
> Ø  After that, you have an access for 60 days to SLES Repo.
> What happens at the end of the trial? Software stops working?
> I can understand how SUSE can charge for support, but not for the
> software itself. Corosync, Pacemaker, and DRBD are all open source.

Generally speaking, you pay for two things; Support and/or access to
specific servers. You don't pay for the software, that's free. So in
this case, you get 60 days access to the update servers that SUSE

The value in this is that, when security or bug fix updates come out,
you get the updates tested and supported against SUSE. This removes a
lot of risk and makes your life easier. So when the trial (or your
subscription) expires, the software keeps working just fine, but from
then on, you have to find, test and install updates on your own.

It is the same model for Red Hat, LINBIT and other open source
companies. It is how companies are able to give their work away for free
and still stay in business. :)

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