[ClusterLabs] Antw: Re: Antw: clearing failed actions

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Thu Jun 1 02:33:59 EDT 2017

>>> Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> schrieb am 01.06.2017 um 00:03 in Nachricht
<50aad2be-185b-0348-6a93-987034c9cb3a at alteeve.ca>:
> I don't know, but according to Ken's last email, what you're seeing is
> expected. I replied because of the miss understanding of the rolls
> quorum and fencing play. Running a cluster without fencing is dangerous.

I'd recommend this: Enable a working STONITH. Then if you see your cluster never uses STONITH, and everything works fine, and you feel you don't needit, then you can get rid of it.
But don't try the other way 'round: Omit STONITH, expecting the cluster would work flawlessly, then (not) add STONITH.


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