[ClusterLabs] order configured - restart of the cluster - order dissapeared ???

Lentes, Bernd bernd.lentes at helmholtz-muenchen.de
Tue Jun 27 07:00:02 EDT 2017


i configured an order so that a simple virtual machine is started after some other resources are started.
That was how i configured it:

configure order order_clone_group_prim_dlm_prim_vm_idcc-devel clone_group_prim_dlm_clvmd_vg_cluster_01_ocfs2_fs_lv_xml prim_vm_idcc_devel

I did this twice, also for another vm.

Then i stopped the cluster (/etc/init.d/openais stop) and did some other stuff (Can't remember exactly what). Then i restarted the cluster with the init-script, and the vm's didn't start because their configuration files couldn't be found because dlm/clvm/ocfs2 (where the config files are) wasn't available. And that happened because the orders dissapeared.

How can that happen ? I always thought that i don't have to bother about storing the configuration persistently.
And i know exactly that i did a configure commit after the two orders.


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