[ClusterLabs] vip is not removed after node lost connection with the other two nodes

Hui Xiang xianghuir at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 22:44:24 EDT 2017

Hi guys,

  I have setup 3 nodes(node-1, node-2, node-3) as controller nodes, an vip
is selected by pacemaker between them, after manually make the management
interface down in node-1 (used by corosync) but still have connectivity to
public or non-management network, I was expecting that the vip in node-1
will be stop/remove by pacemaker since this node lost connection with the
other two node, however, now there are two vip in the cluster, below is my

Online: [ node-1.domain.tld node-2.domain.tld node-3.domain.tld ]
 vip__public_old (ocf::es:ns_IPaddr2): Started node-1.domain.tld

[node-2 node-3]
Online: [ node-2.domain.tld node-3.domain.tld ]
OFFLINE: [ node-1.domain.tld ]
 vip__public_old (ocf::es:ns_IPaddr2): Started node-3.domain.tld

My question is am I miss any configuration, how can I make vip removed in
node-1, shouldn't crm status in node-1 be:
Online: [ node-1.domain.tld ]
OFFLINE: [  node-2.domain.tld node-3.domain.tld ]

Thanks much.
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