[ClusterLabs] Need to replace EMC shared disk with an EMC disk from a different EMC Storage

DAVIDNI1 at clalit.org.il DAVIDNI1 at clalit.org.il
Thu Jun 15 03:22:35 EDT 2017

Hi. We need to clear an old EMC storage and the only thing that's left there is the shared disk of our Pacemaker cluster.

RHEL 7.2
Pacemaker 1.1.13
Corosync 2.3.4

Can someone tell me how can I replace the shared disk? I believe mirror the logical volume and take out the old EMC disk will be the best option.

Found this Article


The problem (or maybe it's not a problem at all) is that the shared disk wasn't created as mirror from the beginning, and now I'm not sure how can I add/replace the current shared disk that is already configured and has data on it.

Help will be very appreciate.



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