[ClusterLabs] Problem with stonith and starting services

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Thu Jul 6 10:09:31 EDT 2017

On 07/06/2017 08:54 AM, Cesar Hernandez wrote:
>> So, the above log means that node1 decided that node2 needed to be
>> fenced, requested fencing of node2, and received a successful result for
>> the fencing, and yet node2 was not killed.
>> Your fence agent should not return success until node2 has verifiably
>> been stopped. If there is some way to query the AWS API whether node2 is
>> running or not, that would be sufficient (merely checking that the node
>> is not responding to some command such as ping is not sufficient).
> Thanks. But node2 has always been successfully fenced... so this is not the problem

If node2 is getting the notification of its own fencing, it wasn't
successfully fenced. Successful fencing would render it incapacitated
(powered down, or at least cut off from the network and any shared

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