[ClusterLabs] Antw: Problem with stonith and starting services

Cesar Hernandez c.hernandez at medlabmg.com
Thu Jul 6 02:50:10 EDT 2017

> I don't have answers, but questions:
> Assuming node1 was DC when stopped: Will ist CIB still record it as DC after being stopped?
> Obviously node1 cannot know about any changes node2 did. And node1 when started will find that node2 is unexpectedly down, so it will fence it to be sure. node2 when started will thing ist DC also. That might trigger some comunication with node1 to find out who's right. AFAIK node1 should win, because it has the longer uptime.

node1 is DC in this case. But this is not the cause for this unexpected node 2 cluster services shutdown. As I said, it happens sometimes. Having the same scenario, it seems to happen 25% of the times

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